Please Read

The Message Board was hacked on March 3, 2007.  The criminal who did this was not a mere prankster who simply defaced the top page of the Message Board just to show that he could do so.   The person who did this actually went so far as to deliberately wipe out several years worth of postings.  I hope that the rest of this nihilistic scumbag's pathetic life is the living hell that he so richly deserves it to be. 

The good news is I did have at least some sort of backup.  The bad news is that the last backup I made was back in September.   So far as I can determine, all postings that were put up since that time have been lost.

The restored forum now has a new location on a different server:


If you are a registered member of the message board, PLEASE LOGIN AND CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD.  You can change your password by following the link to your control panel.  Please choose a password that is NOT identical to the password that you use for critical accounts such as your email, ebay, Paypal, your online banking, etc.

If the email and password that you used for your Message Board account is the same as the email and password that you use for such sensitive accounts, I strongly suggest changing your password on those accounts as well.     The message board software DOES encode passwords so that they are not visible to myself or anyone else who might gain access to the database that powers the message board.  I do not know, however, whether or not programs exist that might be able to decode such encryption.  My suggestion is better safe than sorry.   As a general rule, it is NOT a good idea to use the password you use for financially sensitive accounts for other online accounts.  

While the hacker destroyed all of the postings on the board, Personal Messages between members were left intact.  All Personal Messages prior to September should be accessable in the restored Message Board.  If you received Personal Messages since September and would like to retrieve them, I will keep the old database online for a few weeks to enable you to do so.  Simply drop me an email at from the email address you used for your account and provide me with your user ID.  Once I verify your identity, I will provide you a link where you may login and access you Personal Messages. 

 - Dismuke